Modifying Aromatase Enzyme Naturally

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Modifying Aromatase Enzyme Naturally

Postby txtwindad » Tue Dec 15, 2015 10:36 am

This is a handout from my doc on my last visit. I though the info might be helpful.

Modifying the Aromatase Enzyme Naturally

Aromatase is an enzyme that is responsible for a key step in the biosynthesis of estrogens. Excess estrogens can be of concern in a number of conditions. Naturally inhibiting aromatase which reduces levels of estrogens may be beneficial in the prevention or treatment of such conditions.

The Big Picture
• Work to achieve ideal body weight. It is particularly important to minimize visceral adipose tissue (VAT), which is often the fat around your waist. VAT produces aromatase.
• Address hyperinsulinemia. Insulin stimulates aromatase.
o Low glycemic load diet
o Exercise
o Weight control
o Nutrients and phytonutrients such as vitamin D, magnesium, ECGC in green tea, Omega-3s, chromium, etc.
• Decrease inflammation. Inflammation stimulates aromatase.
o Treat inflammation, with attention to oral health, nagging injuries, and natural anti-inflammatories such as fish oil, bromelain, curcumin, quercetin, etc.
• Decrease stress. Chronic stress elevates cortisol which leads to inflammation, which stimulates aromatase.

Natural aromatase inhibitors There are countless substances in plants that inhibit aromatase. Some of these are chrysin, naringenin, apigenin, and genistein. Research has not clarified which phytochemicals are the most effective. At this time, eating a variety of plants with these substances is probably the best way to naturally reduce aromatase activity:
• Dietary fiber
• Lignins from flax seed
• Genistein and daidzein from soy
• Resveretrol as a supplement or found in red wine (particularly French Cabernet and CA Pinot Noir)
• Grape seed extract (proanthocyanidins)
• White button mushrooms
• Brassaiopsis glomerulata
• Green tea
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