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Feelings after depositing semen

This section is for discussing penis in vagina sex.
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Re: Feelings after depositing semen

Post by benny »

For me it's very humbling. The fact that she gives herself to me and that God created it for pleasure and procreation is a little overwhelming.

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Queen bed
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Re: Feelings after depositing semen

Post by Tantalum »

One aspect of this for me is the acceptance. There were a few watershed moments in our relationship when my wife (then girlfriend) and I were dating. One day we were fooling around, kissing and touching each other intimately and of course I was pretty excited. My girlfriend got a bit enthusiastic too and basically I spurted all over her, mostly on her breast and tummy. It was one of those make-or-break moments. I was really worried she would freak out. But she just laughed and said "Vow! That's amazing!"I really felt she accepted me. I thought "yes, she is the one for me".
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