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What if it is urine? Would it bother you?

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Re: What if it is urine? Would it bother you?

Post by MrMarried »

It does not smell like urine. It smells something like that, only muskier, if left on an unwashed towel for a few days.

My wife usually squirts a bit and sometimes gushes, especially if it has been a while. It's no big deal. We just put a plastic mat and a towel down. If it is urine, I don't care. When she gets on top, I don't mind laying on a wet towel full of the fluid, even if it were urine, in order to have sex with my wife. We take a shower when we are done and wash it off, anyway. I don't drink the stuff, though I have got gushed in the mouth before and washed my mouth out, back when my wife was more into receiving OS. We wash the towel and the mat when we are done.
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