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What are your first/earliest memories of masturbation?

What about masturbation by those who are married? This section is for talking about self-stimulation either alone or with your spouse. (Masturbation for children and singles discussed elsewhere.)
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Happily married
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King bed
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Re: What are your first/earliest memories of masturbation?

Post by Happily married »

I grew up in a very conservative home where I was taught that touching yourself was wrong, even a sin. I have to say that I even felt guilty after having a wet dream, even after I knew what it was. Reading the other threads, I must have been the odd man out as I was in my early 30's when I started. It was liberating to be free of the sense of guilt for even thinking about it.
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Re: What are your first/earliest memories of masturbation?

Post by Irnmyk »

I had a first car after high school that was a jalopy that required a lot of work. So, having the hood up, and being seen working on it wouldn't have appeared unusual.

However, I had found that I could raise that hood, throw my leg over the driver's side front fender with my arms and head under the hood like I was working on something under there and hump that fender to finish with ease and with regularity. I was smart enough to make sure that I had some tools in my hand.

Except that the car had enough real problems that the neighbors were used to seeing me working on it in some fashion, others may have caught on, but I never had any reason to believe that they had. (I was raised in a time where neighbors wouldn't hesitate to rat a kid out to their mother....)
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