Newly married.. Tips for Dw Orgasming?

Can't orgasm, pain during intercourse, etc.

Newly married.. Tips for Dw Orgasming?

Postby Beth_27 » Mon Dec 23, 2013 3:10 am

Please move this if it's in the wrong section :)

My DH and is got married about a month ago, we've only recently (twice?) been able to really penetrate and for him to O inside of me. It still is uncomfortable at times/hurt, and doesn't go fully in, we use a shallow position (only one that doesn't hurt at this point- lying down, facing each other, my leg over his side, me holding onto his.. Parts :P)

Through OS and manual sex he has gotten me quite excited, to the point where I feel tingly, and can't control what I do (moving around weirdly, holding onto him, making noises, breathing heavily etc) and it feels like it's really getting close, but it just feels like it's too much to contain & I can't hold it, so either it will slowly decline or I will just move away because it feels too sensitive. (I feel as if, if we had kept going I still wouldn't have gotten there)

Does anyone have any ideas for us? : ) he is very willing to help, and really wants to get me there, but doesn't know how, and neither do I :)

Also, what would help with discomfort of ML? (More shallow positions to try etc)

(I am not comfortable with MB (at all) or toy etc, I want all sensations/enjoyment to come from him, so please don't suggest those things :) )

Thankyou so much, I will reply to any questions as soon as I can :)

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Re: Newly married.. Tips for Dw Orgasming?

Postby wenderbeat » Mon Dec 23, 2013 7:12 am

Taking your time with the steps you already have goes a long ways. KEEP IT UP! :)

My DW and were in a similar spot when we got married. It took us a few weeks to have full penetration, so we made our goal pleasure instead of the "destination". If each you continue to focus on just being steady at giving to each other to the extent you can go...after a while it will pay off! Even outside the bedroom you'll start to trust each other more. :)

Sorry for no real method tips but just an encouragement to stay at it and focus on being as generous as possible! :)

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Re: Newly married.. Tips for Dw Orgasming?

Postby lilprincess » Mon Dec 23, 2013 7:20 am

Try and push through the sensation to O. when that feeling comes just grab onto your DH as tight as you can and don't fight the O. That's what I do and I know that sensation of an oncoming O is hard to push through. I get an almost sick feeling or a panic feeling but I just grab onto my husband and let it come. My husband calls it "my zone". Sometimes at that time I don't remember what I did, like scratch my husband or get really loud. The feeling of being out of control is scary but its all good and natural. Grab onto your DH and go for the O. Believe me its worth it! Your husband will love it too!

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Re: Newly married.. Tips for Dw Orgasming?

Postby LadyP » Mon Dec 23, 2013 9:12 am

Having some weight on me really helps with the "too much" feeling - I love having sex with him lying on top of me, so his weight is pinning me down, but you could also try having him wrap an arm around you and squeeze (if he's got an arm free) or even wearing a tight shirt to provide some pressure. You're really close, as you can tell - you just need to let it take over that last little bit.

Penetration took a long time for us too (and was never truly comfortable until after our first baby was born) but you're on the right track and you'll get there. You could always try using more lube/CO (sometimes you need more than you think) and I generally found that a bullet vibe on my [clitoris] helped me stay aroused enough to be comfortable.

You'll get there! You're doing a great job!
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Re: Newly married.. Tips for Dw Orgasming?

Postby Beth_27 » Mon Dec 23, 2013 6:01 pm

Thanks everyone for your replies! :) I will keep you updated on how everything goes with this :)

Yes, being generous is definitely important :)

I have grabbed onto him, I just haven't been able to hold on any longer, but with this info it should help me to really push through it :) yeah, when the panicky feeling comes I think that when I start to let it go..

We will try him holding onto me tight, and we usually use a lot of lube, but need to keep reapplying :)

Also, any ideas/tips on what might start the feeling that leads to orgasm? There are times when we both try and make it really exciting, but it just feels 'nice', not that tingling, overwhelming feeling... What techniques do you use?? :)

Thanks everyone!

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