Easy G-spot O, but no clitoral O?

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Easy G-spot O, but no clitoral O?

Postby ChangeEngineer » Sat Jan 03, 2015 10:23 am

My DW can easily O via G-spot stimulation by my fingers and sometimes PIV. She even experiences FE on a regular basis. However, she does not respond to clitoral stimulation much at all. During OS, she likes her clitoris to be stimulated, but it never brings an O. She doesn't really respond at all to manual stimulation of the clitoris by either fingers or a vibrator. Do other women experience this? Are we missing out on clitoral Os? Anything we can do to help make it happen?

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Re: Easy G-spot O, but no clitoral O?

Postby Kilarin » Sat Jan 03, 2015 1:12 pm

Everyone is different. As long as your wife has found a way to reach orgasm that both of you enjoy, I don't see that you should be feeling that you are "missing out" on anything. There is certainly no harm in further experimentation with clitoral stimulation, but if that never goes to an orgasm, thats OK. Approach it as "We've already got something GREAT, lets see if there is anything more to be discovered" not as "We are inadequate because we don't make love the same way the neighbors do, we need to fix this"

Every couple makes love in a different and unique way. God has led the two of you to something that works for you, and thats good! The way that other couples make love is irrelevant.

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Re: Easy G-spot O, but no clitoral O?

Postby cbmike » Sun Jan 04, 2015 7:14 am

My DW orgasms really easily with g-spot stimulation, but not really from oral. She is able to orgasm from manual, but doesn't enjoy it as much. We just use oral for foreplay and don't often use manual stimulation. She is capable of clitoral orgasms and has had them plenty of times, but the vast majority of the time she would rather orgasm from g-spot stimulation with PIV.

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