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Experiences writing erotic stories for one's spouse - the good and the bad

This is THE PLACE to discuss if something sexual is right or wrong.
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Re: Experiences writing erotic stories for one's spouse - the good and the bad

Post by LovHer »

I have written several short stories for her. Besides sharing it with her (I read it to her myself), I think that half of the fun is writing it. For me it's a big turn-on because my mind has to really focus on details, feelings, sensations, etc. So it's like taking fantasizing about your wife to a whole new level.
Another thing I like about it is that it gives me the opportunity to say or describe things that I otherwise would have a hard time saying. I'm not the most vocal person – either during lovemaking or otherwise. So I might find it awkward (for example) to describe my DW's aroused vulva in all its detail, or to describe in detail how it feels when I'm penetrating her. But describing it in a story gives me that opportunity.
For the last story I wrote, I added a bit of excitement/anticipation by creating a set of fake "marketing material" as if I were a real author and she was receiving an invitation to a book signing event in which she could meet the author in person and get a copy of his latest book "Bound for Pleasure" (his newest dominance/submission themed novel). That made it extra fun. And it's always a big turn-on for me to read it to her.
Does she really enjoy them? … I've asked her and she claims she does. But I don't think it's as big of a deal as it is for me. I would LOVE to hear one of her stories, but it's not really her thing – and she has little time for it. But that's totally fine – she brings me pleasure in many other ways.
@mcgruff, it's great that your wife is interested in writing something for you too (even though she hasn't gotten around to it yet). Maybe she's a bit intimidated by your story? :D Wow 54 pages!… That's a lot of work. Impressive. My longest one was maybe half that long. But I've also written a few very short ones as well that are more like fun little "sexy fantasy letters".
I would agree with some of the other suggestions for things to avoid.
- I too try to keep it to characters that represent us
- For those that are writing their first erotic story, I'd suggest starting out a bit 'tame' – especially if you aren't sure how your partner will react. Starting out with a story in which you really push the boundaries may turn her off – depending on how she approaches new things). It's better to work your way up to the 'hard-core' little by little. While the first time it might be shocking for her to hear you read certain things to her (if you don't normally talk like that), by the third or fourth time she will have gotten used to it. And hopefully she will be getting turned on by it as well!
- One thing to be careful about is embellishing something about the other person (especially if it is something that they may feel insecure about). For example, if your wife is overweight and in your story she a slim fit body, this could be very hurtful to her depending on how she feel about her weight – even if it is done in a fun way or simply as a 'wishful fantasy'. On the other hand, I think it's ok to exaggerate features of your own body, since you know how you feel about it. If you're a guy writing, feel free to make yourself as muscular or well-endowed as you'd like in your own fantasy story! :D
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