Male having difficulty reaching orgasm with PIV

Erectile disfunction, premature ejaculation, delayed orgasm, etc.
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Male having difficulty reaching orgasm with PIV

Postby Nebraskaken » Wed Mar 22, 2017 4:57 pm

I am 60, 150 lbs overweight, type two diabetic and cannot reach orgasm PIV. The last time I had PIV orgasm was many years ago. We had marital problems and sex was very limited. However, in the last two years, things have really improved and we have sex at least once a week. I had erectile dysfunction problems, but use either a tri mix or Viagra for strong erections so ED is no longer a problem.

For PIV, my wife lays down on the edge of the bed with her legs facing outward and upward. I stand facing her and we have PIV. She enjoys this very much, but I cannot orgasm doing it like this. It is like I cannot feel her vagina with my penis. When I get too tired for standing, I lay down and she uses her hand and masturbates me to climax. This is more pleasurable for me and I have an orgasm in between 5 and 10 minutes. Sometimes my wife gives me oral sex. This feels fantastic and she will do it a few minutes and stop and rest. A minute later, she will give me more oral sex and again it feels great. The problem is that I cannot orgasm. I feel like I am going uphill towards a cliff, but cannot go over the cliff. I think that if she could go one or two times more, I would release, but I don’t want her to get mad and stop altogether.

Last Saturday, she placed a little pillow under her bottom after we had PIV. The angle of my penis in her vagina felt incredible. We had sex for almost an hour and she reached orgasm several times. I again couldn’t have orgasm but was able to feel her very well. So I am hoping we can try this way again only starting out with the pillow. I was worried that with my diabetes, I could have neurological problems with my penis, but with oral sex and the new position feeling so good, I don’t think that is a problem. Also I try not to masturbate, but sometimes fail and pleasure myself no more than once a week and sometimes only once a month. I also don't do porn and haven't for several months.

My question for you is:
1) Is there therapy we can try?
2) Since this is mental, could I use hypnosis and relax?

I really think I am too uptight. Does anyone out there have some thoughts on this?

Thanks and blessings

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Re: Male having difficulty reaching orgasm with PIV

Postby Paul B » Wed Mar 29, 2017 9:52 pm

I saw a recent study that said overweight men lasted longer. The theory is this is because fat metabolises testosterone into estrogen. Whatever the mechanism, being overweight is adding to the problem.

One thing that might help would be for her to pull the skin of your penis towards your body and hold it there as you move in and out. If you are uncircumcised this will have a powerful effect. If you are circumcised the effect is less, but it should still increase stimulation.
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Re: Male having difficulty reaching orgasm with PIV

Postby be64 » Thu Apr 06, 2017 12:18 pm

By your description of yourself it would seem you have low testosterone and high estradiol. This is a combination that makes orgasm difficult. Getting correct hormone levels may go a long way in improving your situation since testosterone plays a big role in sensitivity and ease of orgasm. A good testosterone level will also help decrease body fat and improve diabetes
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Re: Male having difficulty reaching orgasm with PIV

Postby HotPink » Sat Apr 22, 2017 9:44 pm

You might want to experiment with different sex positions using a pillow made especially for sex. Maybe you just need to find the right position that will bring you to climax. There is a two pillow combo sold by the Liberator website that is pretty good. You can also get the same pillow combo from Amazon a little cheaper. It could just be you need your wife at a different angle.

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