Erektor vs. Elator vs. Stays-Hard

Erectile disfunction, premature ejaculation, delayed orgasm, etc.
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Erektor vs. Elator vs. Stays-Hard

Postby New Found Hope » Thu Jun 15, 2017 10:23 am

Hey all so I'm starting a new Thread about this (Admins if this needs to be moved or added on an existing thread let me know)

So having PE I have been looking for something that might help. I'm trying to stay away from any sort of drug.

Within the past year I came across the "Erektor" and the "Elator". They are both about the same price ($300)

Just this past week I came across a "new" product called "Stays-Hard". On the surface it appears to look just like the other two products however it's a fraction of the cost $51 USD with about $20.00 to Ship to the USA (they are a UK Company).

I'm no expert, but I am wondering if the fact it is so much cheaper if either the other products are higher quality/safer or if they are just overpricing it for profit.

Hoping to get feedback on the actual products, not the "don't use that, it won't work". There is enough people who have mentioned experienced success with the Erektor/Elator. I know all have no refunds. I would be more comfortable shelling out $70.00 for it to be a bust vs. $300.00.

What I'm really wondering is if there is any cautions I should be thinking about or be aware of with the cheaper product.

Any help would be great!

Here goes the links:



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