Penis Pump Experience and Ideas

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Penis Pump Experience and Ideas

Postby texashubby » Thu Dec 28, 2017 3:44 pm

About 12 months ago I had a robotic prostatectomy. A week after the surgery the catheter was removed. Two weeks after the surgery I started using a Vacuum Pump.

A few lessons learned.

The cheap egg shaped rubber pump/check valve the came with the cheap vacuum pump system leaked. I replaced it with a brake bleeding brass vacuum hand pump with a gauge (from HF). The vacuum gauge which will indicate leaks and amount of vacuum necessary to achieve a full erection.

The thin seal that came with the vacuum pump cylinder had several immediate problems. The inter-seal on the penis shaft was painfully tight and the seal on the outside of the cylinder leaked. I had to use rubber bands around the outside of the seal to stop the leak. The thin seal provided very little if any padding on the pubic bone.

I found a thick clear gel seal that works on both a 2" & a 3" diameter cylinders. Outside diameter of the seal is ~3.25" & the outside wall is ~3/8" thick gel (the gel is very strong & does stretch.) The clear gel seal padding between the end of the plastic vacuum cylinder and pubic area is also 3/8" thick gel (about 6 times thicker than the original seal). I cut a beveled edge on the thick padded seal opening into vacuum tube. The penis opening is ~1.5" diameter. Hope this description makes sense.

My purpose for the vacuum pump was to flood the cavernous tissue daily to insure penis tissue was fully stretched and prevent atrophy & loss of erect penis length ::arg

Measurement mod. Turn the vacuum tube (with seal), opening down on a hard surface such a countertop. Pump a vacuum to your normal level. Using a ruler measure upward from the countertop/seal and mark each inch on a piece of tape. Also mark your personal maximum length or goal. Then use sharp metal tool or "d r e me l" tool to permanently mark each inch (or mm if you are metric) and your maximum length on the plastic tube. (penis length in mm sounds bigger than in inches :))

First time! Take your time! If you never used a penis vacuum pump system before, do not initially pump a lot of vacuum. What is a lot of vacuum? It occurs when a testicle or two get sucked under the seal, through a hole already occupied by a penis and into the vacuum tube . It can happen very quickly and will water your eyes. For a quick release valve, I drilled a 1/4" hole in the side of the tube and cover it with a small piece of duct tape. Fold one edge of the tape so that you can grab it hurry.

Regarding pubic hair: I keep it trimmed short which reduces sealing problems and reduces the chance hair getting pulled or caught.

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