Question from a Bondage Neophyte

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Question from a Bondage Neophyte

Postby new wife » Mon Jun 05, 2017 6:58 am

I guess you would call my husband and me neophytes when it comes to restraints. We have an under-the-bed restraints system and a set of ankle and wrist restraints that we’ve used occasionally. When we use the restraints, especially the ankle and wrist restraints which are much more restrictive than the under-the-bed restraints, my orgasms are so much more intense and even longer than when we don’t use restraints. But I find that I am so spent that I don’t have the energy or enthusiasm that my husband deserves for him to finish. I love having multiple orgasms and enjoying my husband’s orgasm but when we use the restraints, one orgasm is all I can take. Is there a physiological or psychological reason that the female orgasm is so much more intense and exhausting when in restraints? Thoughts and ideas are appreciated!

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Re: Question from a Bondage Neophyte

Postby SeekingChange » Mon Jun 05, 2017 8:17 am

Just a random thought, no study or science behind my idea.... my reasoning is, when restrained your energy has one outlet, the orgasm. When not restrained energy can be released through movement, through your actions of giving. Kind of like lightening striking, if you can make it where the energy circulates and spreads out, much less damage is done to the object struck. If there's no way for it to flow but straight out, the energy is much more intense and more damage is done.
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