Contemplating a vasectomy for DH even though we're infertile

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Contemplating a vasectomy for DH even though we're infertile

Postby pnbb » Wed May 28, 2014 2:48 am

I know that sounds so confusing so let me clarify.

We have what is called secondary infertility (we had one child naturally without any medical assistance but now cannot have another.) A few years back we went through all sorts of medical testing and all the "professionals" determined that there was nothing wrong with DH or me. All our plumbing works fine, all our numbers are good. The doctors cannot explain why we haven't been able to get pregnant. We even did a few advanced fertility procedures which shocked the doctors when they turned up negative.

So for the past 9-10 years we haven't used any protection because we've wanted another child.
Well, I'm now at the age where if I do get pregnant it will be a high risk pregnancy plus high chance of birth defects etc. DH even said he's not even sure he has the energy for another child! (Good thing I exercise and I do have the energy).

I would still LOOOOOVE to have another baby but I really don't think it's gonna happen at this point. So I'm thinking of asking DH to get a vasectomy. He knows that it won't affect his libido and we have a lot of friends who have had it done.

Does this sound crazy? Am I thinking straight? :shock:

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Re: Contemplating a vasectomy for DH even though we're infer

Postby twinkie » Wed May 28, 2014 6:41 pm

I dont think it sounds crazy. I understand wanting the freedom to ML without the possibilty of pregnancy. It depends on your desires. You obviously would like to have another child but it seems it's not part of your plan now. It depends on what you want and if you still hope the Lord will bless you with another baby. But it sounds like you're hesitant about it because of high risk situation.

We had it done years ago and dont regret it even though, like you, we have one child too and wanted more. We lost a baby and that pain was more than I could bare again. For us it was to prevent another late term miscarriage, something that looking back now she could have survived if we had proper medical care (we were vacationing overseas).

I think this is a question no one can answer for you but perhaps others can share their stories or experiences to help you make your decision.

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