NFP... There's an App for That?

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NFP... There's an App for That?

Postby AgentCarter » Wed Jun 28, 2017 1:39 am

Hi, everyone.

I've previously posted in other threads re: lack of sex and possible porn use (I have prayerfully given him the benefit of the doubt, long story short), but after a seriously tough season coming to a head recently and us ultimately recommitting to show up to our marriage 100% every day and purposely let go of the little things, well, we have been... busy :D (THANK YOU, GOD. UGHHHH, IT'S SO AWESOME TO HAVE HOT SEX WITH A HOT MAN WHO IS *MARRIED* TO ME. THANK YOU, JESUS. Anyway...)

So, birth control. Right now we are using condoms and the pull out method. He's historically pretty insistent on condoms - which used to bug me but now I don't mind because we are fiiiiiinally having some fun around here and I'd like it to last for a while ( ::alarm!). But now if we are going there and there's no condom within arm's reach, we don't stop to fumble around in the search. ( ::alarm ::alarm ::alarm) Obviously we'd rather not worry about condoms at all because even the thinnest ones are a buzzkill.

I am vehemently opposed to chemical BC. No, no, no, no, no. Even diet sodas mess me up, I can't even fathom how nuts, bloated and miserable high dose pills could make me. I won't even consider it. As far as I can see, that leaves us with NFP.

We are pretty busy people. He works all the time and I am in the process of starting a new job which will require a lot of my time and mental attention. I don't think I am as studied up as I would want to be to chart my own period/cycle and interpret the data, and I soon won't have much time to learn. Interestingly, there's a Swedish company called Natural Cycles which produced a smartphone app that apparently can take raw temperature data (you get a thermometer and plug the data in) and do the charting for me. It's been a European thing for years with successful use reported in 99% of cases. If that is accurate, that means that a smartphone app is more effective than condoms when used correctly and consistently. Like the pill, if you miss inputting data for a day or two, the app advises that you play it safe and wrap it, as a failsafe.

Has anyone heard of this app or used it? Reviews?

Which thermometers work well, ladies? Is the 8 dollar Target brand one good enough, or should we drop 30-200 bucks on a NFP-specific one? I’m fit, healthy, regular, no known issues, 26 years old.


(And yay, marital sex! THANK YOU, LORD, FOR BEING FAITHFUL TO US.)
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Re: NFP... There's an App for That?

Postby Indy » Wed Jun 28, 2017 9:16 am

My husband and I chose FAM as our form of BC, and I started charting about 4 months before our marriage. It worked well for about a year and a half, at which point we decided to stop trying to avoid and see what happened. The obvious happened 4 months later, and we're expecting our first in January :)

There is a difference between NFP and FAM; NFP is based on Catholic doctrines and considers abstinence the only approved form of pregnancy prevention. FAM allows whatever kind of contraception you choose during the fertile window (we chose condoms; others can give you more ideas).

I have no personal experience with the app in question, but I'm a member of a Facebook group of Christian women focused on FAM. The app came up there and they were universally skeptical. I am, too - the foundation of both FAM and NFP is the combined data from charting temps and cervical mucus. CM tells you when you are approaching fertility and need to be careful if trying to avoid; temps tell you that ovulation has occurred. If I had relied only on temps, especially early in our marriage, we either wouldn't have had unprotected sex at all or we'd probably have a one year old by now.

I think that traditional FAM (or NFP, if you want to go the abstinence route) charting is safer and more accurate than the app. You can get a copy of Taking Charge of Your Fertility really cheaply on Amazon or grab a copy at the library (you'll want to own it, though!). There are apps that help you record and keep track of all of the data, but for some reason Ive always gone back to paper charting. Some of the apps/programs, like Kindara, also have a special thermometer that ties in.

Condoms can be a buzzkill, but it's not impossible to incorporate them into sex. We tried a *lot* of them before we found our favorite brand. As it turned out, the brand/style that afforded the most sensation for both of us wasn't one of the "barely there" condoms.

Good luck with whatever you choose!

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