What to pack wedding night/honeymoon

What's supposed to happen on the wedding night? Will it hurt? What if I'm not a virgin? ...
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What to pack wedding night/honeymoon

Postby Em604 » Fri Apr 21, 2017 1:20 am

So, I'm getting married soon and have found this forum quite useful in preparing us for the start of our married lives/sex lives :wink: As we will both be newbies to this we are unsure about what exactly we should take with us to our wedding night accommodation and also on our honeymoon.
It would be great if we could compile advice from here to create a checklist of things to bring.

Also, I've noticed lots of people talking about coconut oil on here, is it a good option? Sounds a bit random that the thing you cook with you'll be using "down there", but then again, it does beat chemicals!

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Re: What to pack wedding night/honeymoon

Postby SeekingChange » Fri Apr 21, 2017 6:19 am

Coconut oil is definitely my personal preference for lube, if needed, because of the way it absorbs and makes me feel afterwards.

As to things to pack, a confident attitude, a willing heart and laughter. Know that not all will be perfect. You two will have learning to do, but if you can be truly naked (heart, soul and mind), and be willing to have fun and laugh no matter what, you two will grow in intimacy and unity.

Throw in some lingerie, but really, IMO, the honeymoon is a great time to just focus on each other without much extra.

May God's hand be on your marriage, blessing it and giving you favor.
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