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Too intense to O, or how can I hang on?

Can't orgasm, delayed orgasm, etc.
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King bed
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Re: Too intense to O, or how can I hang on?

Post by MrMarried »

hastentheday wrote: Mon Apr 05, 2021 5:54 am
MrMarried wrote: Fri Apr 02, 2021 7:36 pm Ask him to tie you up first.
Cannot tell if you are serious or not. But, let's say you are: what would this do for Homeschoolmom1970 to help her situation? You might need to expand the reasoning on your answer. I, for one, am curious too.
If she wanted to keep herself from squirming away and see what happened if she pushed through, being tied up might help, but not everyone else is used to that.

But I was thinking about what Link-Zelda said. My advice might work better if this were sensitivity after a first orgasm rather than before the first one.
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