Sorry about the outages

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Sorry about the outages

Postby tmbadmin » Sun Mar 05, 2017 9:35 am

On Friday the boards were down for a few hours, and access via tapatalk and was not restored until Saturday night.

We are making some DNS changes in preparation for moving to a new server space. This should not have caused any problems, but Godaddy had some issues and dumped some of our DNS records. I caught this fairly soon, but did not see the loss of the www settings until it was pointed out.

Sometime this month we will move to a new server space that is just for the boards. This will mean the boards don't slow down other web sites and visa-verse. It will also allow us to increase resources (for more $$) to the boards as needed.

We will let you know when we get ready to do this - I expect half a day or more of downtime.


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