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Kia ora!

Postby naphlo » Mon Nov 27, 2017 9:27 pm

Kia ora from New Zealand

I used to be a member of The Marriage Bed forums with my wife quite a few years ago under the username Beccasman, however this seemed to no longer be active. With a number of things going on at the moment I wanted to come back and check in and see what's happening, and possibly ask for some advice.

So, here I am. Looking forward to reading through the forums and having some useful conversations.

- naphlo :D

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Re: Kia ora!

Postby SeekingChange » Mon Nov 27, 2017 9:36 pm

Welcome back !
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Re: Kia ora!

Postby 3bluebikes » Fri Dec 01, 2017 5:22 pm

Welcome, glad you decided to come back and !

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Re: Kia ora!

Postby George B. » Fri Dec 01, 2017 6:28 pm

Welcome back! Enjoy getting reacquainted here
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