LD and possible Depression

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Re: LD and possible Depression

Postby Unfulfilled » Sat Oct 03, 2015 7:10 am

Symptom of low thyroid AND low T is depression.

Switching to Armour may or may not be good. I would recommend getting that free T4 test before switching. You stated the free T3 is just about exactly where you want it. I would NOT change horses when you are zeroing in on optimized blood levels.

Also switching to Armour will be like starting from square one, and due to its higher T3 amount may mess up the free T3 level AND will plummet the free T4 levels in all likelihood.

If she is on T4 only med now, and has the free T3 levels up that high, That means that her body is converting the T4 fine. The people who need Armour or additional T3 are those who have conversion problems.

Can you post or PM me her levels including the reference ranges? As the reference ranges change for each lab.

The rule of thumb is that free T4 to be 50% or a bit higher of the range. AND the free T3 to be between 50% and 67% of the range. Mostly more towards the 67%. Ranges I'm more familiar with I'm not sure free T3 at 2.5 is really 50% or more of the range.

Do not underestimate the power of low thyroid and low T on depression and energy symptoms. Unless the depression is severe, I would tend to shy away from antidepressants.

Dr's today hand them out like candy, many are extremely addictive, yet are loathe to test properly and understand that people are unique and look at symptoms and not just thinking that the rock bottom of a reference range is good for everyone or prescribe medication other than antidepressants that could eliminate the "need" for the antidepressants in the first place.

All that said, you have to do what you think is right along with your Dr. I just recommend to do you own research and education and just do not simply blindly accept Dr's or anyone else's advice blindly. Yes Dr's know a lot, but they are just a human being Just like you or I who have done study. Study that you and I can do just as well. In fact we have an advantage, we only have to learn about one or two specific things, while Dr's have to learn about hundreds of things. So it is actually easier for us to become more knowledgeable about specific condition than most Dr's.

Just say'n

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Re: LD and possible Depression

Postby ghostrider » Wed Feb 03, 2016 8:18 am

Just an update and a prayer request for my DW. I know I've posted a lot of this in some other threads, but just wanted to circle back to the original one to show where we've come from.

Since Labor Day, the Welbutrin and Armour thyroid have helped a LOT. She did have her Welbutrin dose upped to 150 mg after a couple months and that seems to be doing pretty well (save for a few extended family related stresses around the holidays). We did a race together in November and her energy levels have come back strong, for most of each month. She is also seeing a therapist about her depression and anxiety symptoms. At one point the therapist mentioned doing something like zantac or prozac with the welbutrin to help the anxiety, but we are both hesitant because of the side effects. We are hoping to control this with maybe learning CBT or that it regulates on its own. The anxiety seems to come and go with stress and outside influences/new situations, but it isn't an everyday thing, and is probably less of a problem than the sexual side effects and weight gain possible with the additional meds.

In the bedroom, things have just been getting better and better with her. This past month, she was "in the mood" for about 2.5 or 3 weeks, whereas several months ago, that mood only showed up maybe 1-2 days right after her period. Last night, intercourse was off the table, but she offered an amazing HJ with a new technique she read about here and she had an orgasm too, manually.

Now the prayer request - due to her PCOS or maybe other factors, she has always had heavy periods,but the past 3-4 months they have gotten worse and much more painful. Two different times she has nearly passed out in the bathroom at the gym either during or right before her period due to the pain and had to be driven home. She saw a new GYN last month and is scheduled for an ultrasound, biopsy, and then an ablation in early March. Please pray this takes care of the period issues and even though she will have one more period between now and then, pray it would be more bearable.

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