Praise Report - DW reading Sheet Music

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Praise Report - DW reading Sheet Music

Postby HubZ » Fri Jan 05, 2018 1:31 pm

For starters, I really appreciate these boards and the people here. Often times we come here due to issues or questions, myself included. Like many others, frequency had been an issue the last few years of our marriage. (Despite the fact that we've been married for under 5 years and are still somewhat young.) This has turned in to sexual difficulties on my end, which leads to less-fulfilling IC for her, which leads to less of an interest for her, and the cycle continues.

Good news is - after reading a lot of advice and recommendations here, we've been communicating a lot better on this and she said she wanted to try to change her thinking. We bought the book Sheet Music and have been reading it together the last few nights (and she's enjoying it!)

I just bring this up, not that our situation is remedied or to say "this can happen to you ", but I do want to thank God for this blessing and encourage everyone else out there that changes can happen in your marriage. Praise God.

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Re: Praise Report - DW reading Sheet Music

Postby SeekingChange » Fri Jan 05, 2018 1:42 pm

Praising God with you! That news is wonderful to hear!
God can change what people do, behavioral patterns that have been in play for decades. He can change what we do to cope, find comfort, survive conflict, to count. Rahab had done a same old thing for years...then she did something new.

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