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How old were you?

Addiction, fantasy, habitual masturbation ...
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Re: How old were you?

Post by bgavtek »

I was eight.  The newspaper occasionally had some articles that were less than appropriate for a child to read.
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Re: How old were you?

Post by LoriB »

My roommate in college kept putting up Playgirl pictures on the wall.
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Re: How old were you?

Post by LBD »

Over 35 years ago at 12. Usual story. VHS tapes to follow. Life changing and no doubt not for the good. When it is at the core of your sexual development, it is extremely difficult to know what is real, normal and acceptable and what is just porn paths worn bare in your brain.

To some extent, that is a benefit to sites like this, though given the overwhelming influence of porn in general, I honestly wonder if there are any "normal" people anymore. Very possibly not in the current culture of "advanced" societies.  I have friends in some highly conservative religious groups - think Mennonite, Huterite societies - and upon discussion with them, even they have seen the impact despite several of them being generations without modern media access.

In the end, I know human's want and seek sex and do so in various ways. Sociological study reveals all manner of human relations across time. Historically, we may not even be in the most debaucherous era or society to have existed.

But sites like this attempt to "normalize" sexual activity between heterosexual spouses and that is a good thing overall and I believe righteous before G-d. The stumbling block arises when one tries to judge their "normal" against someone else's "normal", for better or worse. We humans have never been good at being satisfied with what we have....
It is usually futile to try to talk facts and analysis to people who are enjoying a sense of moral superiority in their ignorance. -Thomas Sowell
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