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How has the porn issue been handled in your home? How has it affected you?

Addiction, fantasy, habitual masturbation ...
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Re: How has the porn issue been handled in your home? How has it affected you?

Post by Oldbear »

Thanks, Duchess, for sharing your story and how you and your DH have dealt with and are dealing with the temptation of pornography. It seems to me that it’s  more ‘common to us’ (I Co. 10:13) - the temptation, that is - than most Christians  would care to be honest.

SC’s OP and your answer reminded me that in Romans, Paul drives home the point (chapter 7 and 8) that Satan is the author of guilt and the Holy Spirit convicts us.

Guilt paralyzes and defeats us. We can’t stand up against guilt (I did it once and ‘worm that I am’ I’ll do it, again!) This is particularly true when we are at a vulnerable moment - lonely, disheartened, shame-ridden, etc. Guilt can fuel a return to habitual sin, and pornography is an enticing, habitual sin.

Praise the Lord! (as Paul wrote in Romans 8) we have forgiveness (redemption and grace) from sin through Jesus Christ and freedom (protection and conviction) from temptation  through the Holy Spirit.

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