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Hearing sex from neighbors

Addiction, fantasy, habitual masturbation ...
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Re: Hearing sex from neighbors

Post by Irnmyk »

@LB, Some great comments have been made about how we men are wired. God wired us that way for a purpose - His purpose.

So, what do we do with it? NWNL made some great comments. I'd add one of my own when I see one of his "eye popping" creations. In addition to some of the reactions that NWNL listed, I also think to myself (often after having shot off a quick prayer to God complimenting him on his handiwork) that she might just be a Christian Sister. (Some of them disavow themselves of that notion by the way they present themselves; but not all.) Then, that puts her in a category of a sibling - a spiritual sibling so to speak. And I certainly don't look at my sibling sisters that way.

All the above, and much of what has been said before deals with what you do with your mind once you are placed in a ticklish situation. We ALL, us men, I think, struggle with that.

That's where God gives us the free will to make a choice - to go down the right path or take the wrong path.

With respect to your problem, I get it. If two dogs breed out in the front yard, it's a turn-on for me. Once on a mission trip, lodged at a ranch type situation, their breeding a very receptive mare while my spouse was back in my home country was TOUGH!!!! But I dealt with with the help and Grace of our Savior. If I ever heard the sounds you describe, I'd be right where you find yourself.

I'm not going to tell you that I developed some of the defenses I have overnight - I didn't. But, since the eye - and in the case of this topic, the ear - can be such an intro into temptation, I had to start, and once I started, I slowly made it down the path. I'm still working my way along that path. I don't think I'll ever arrive.

Today, it is rare when I lose control of my mind, but it still can happen. It always can happen. I work on not letting it happen. Prayer helps with that process. The defenses that NWNL listed and I added to above help.

The point is, making the attempt to change and improve is up to us, up to me, up to you. God gives you the ability to do so, and offers a helping hand if you will take it. Let the Spirit help you if you are a Spirit led believer.
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