Update-Counseling and such

How does past rape, molesting, or other sexual abuse effect future marriage?
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Update-Counseling and such

Postby TheTigress » Wed Apr 23, 2014 12:43 pm

The way the counseling center at my university works is that you can only do counseling during the semester. Yesterday would have been my last session as the semester on-campus ends next week, and my semester DE ends today. I wanted to be able to work through as much of TWH workbook as possible before getting married, but I wanted the help of my counselor not just doing it on my own. I told FH this last week that I didn't want to have to do it all alone. He responded, "You aren't alone, you have me and Jesus" and then he went on to encourage me to ask my counselor if it would be okay to continue working with her during the summer. I was scared to ask her because they NEVER do this. FH asked what was I scared of? The norm is already that counseling ends this week if I ask and she says no then I'm in the same boat, but if I don't ask I'll never know if I could have her help for the summer. (He's so wise) :D

So I asked and she said yes! Yay! I won't be driving over to her office every week as I can't do that with my work schedule. I had gotten shifts covered for the time of our pre-marital counseling and nobody at work knows I'm also in counseling on my own. So I'd have to keep getting shifts covered if I did it that way. So we decided on meeting by phone once a week or so during my 3 hour break (sort of a split shift my job has weird hours and scheduling) I work about an hour and half away from her office so driving just wouldn't work during that break either.

I'm super encouraged and stoked to be able to continue working with my counselor this summer! However I have kinda ignored the workbook, I blamed school but I know it's not just school and after today I don't have that excuse anymore. I asked FH to help keep me accountable to doing some work in it each week. He's already on the ball in that respect. He asked me a few days ago and I pulled the too much HW excuse and said, "is that a good enough reason" he simply said, "nope" Yea FH doesn't push me into stuff but when I as him to keep me accountable he is relentless. Which is necessary.
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