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Avatars - how to make or find one, how to upload.

Posted: Fri Mar 12, 2004 4:33 pm
by Paul B

An ava-what?
An avatar is a small image used to identify a board user. The avatar appears below the users name in the column to the left.

How do I get one?
We do not have a gallery of ready-made avatars, and do not allow linking to an image on another web site. We do allow you to upload an avatar from your computer, or from the web.

What restrictions are there on avatars.
You may use .jpg and .gif files (animated gifs will work). The image must be no larger than 100 x 100 pixels, and the file must be no larger than 10kb. Please do not use images which are explicitly sexual or violent, or otherwise offensive to the general audience of the TMB boards. Pictures are fine, as long as they don't violate the preceding. Please no nudity, even the "artsy" kind.

How do I use an image I found on the web?
Click on "Profile" at the top of any page. At the very bottom of your profile page is a box next to "Upload Avatar from a URL " Enter the URL to the image (it must end in .jpg or .gif) and click the submit button. As long as the size is acceptable, you are done.

How do I upload an image from my computer?
Click on "Profile" at the top of any page. Near the bottom of the page, click on the "Browse" button. Navigate to the desired file on your computer (it must end in .gif and .jpg) and click the submit button. As long as the size is acceptable, you are done.

How do I create an avatar?
Use any art/image program to edit an image or create one from scratch. Create or crop the image to no larger than 100 by 100 pixels and save as a jpg or gif. Check the file size - it must be 10 kb or less. You can cut file size by reducing the number of colours used and/or by making the image smaller. Use the direction above to upload your avatar.

Posted: Thu Feb 24, 2005 4:19 pm
by George B.
I haven't seen it mentioned here (or on the other avatar search thread), so I'll go ahead and mention as a good resource. They have all kinds of avatars, including religious ones, as well as lots of romantic ones. Plus, I've seen most of their avatars, and they don't seem to have any explicitly sexual ones, like some avatar websites which come up when you try to Google "forum avatar."
I think most if not all of the avatars they post fall within TMB's size guidelines, also, which is a big plus.