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Pay no attention to the folks behind the curtain.
Pay no attention to the folks behind the curtain.
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Signatures and links

Postby Dale » Thu May 22, 2014 9:35 am

In going back through our membership, the OG and Mods have taken notice of signature lines that often include links that are not germane to the overall purpose of TMB. Many are blogs or Facebook pages that have nothing to do with faith, family, marriage or ministry (all areas which TMB exists to serve and promote). While most all of them are benign, we feel that TMB needs to be a kind of "sacred space" where links to outside sites that do not promote our mission and values should be kept to a minimum. We have a section titled "Chit Chat, Jokes & More" in the Off-Topic area where these kinds of links can be posted if someone feels the great need to do so. However, posting them in a signature line has the affect of scattering them to any areas of the board where the person posts.

In light of these concerns, we are adding this guideline to our rules:

Any signature line link needs to be in keeping with the overall mission and vision of TMB and should help to encourage Christian values of faith, family, marriage or ministry. Links such as "Payday Loans", "Mortgage Information", "Student Loan Assistance", "1980s Memorabilia", "Pampered Chef", "Mary Kay", etc. are not considered to be in harmony with this guideline. Also, in light of our desire to help maintain anonymity, no Facebook or other such links to personally identifying information will be allowed. If your signature links to such a site (or any other that is questionable from a TMB standpoint), please change or remove it immediately. After a short period of "self-correction" the Mods and OG will be getting proactive in asking you to change a link if it is needed. We also reserve the right to change or delete them ourselves if necessary. If you have a question about whether or not your signature link meets these criteria, please contact the nearest OG member or Moderator and we will be glad to help!!

Thank you for your help in keeping TMB a great and safe place to be!!

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