How do pregnancy and the first year after birth impact a couples sexuality?
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Postby Newman » Tue Aug 13, 2013 8:05 am

(Note: Repost from "Activities and Items" after I remembered there was a Pregnancy section on TMB :-)

My DW and I recently found out we are expecting our 3rd child (hurray!!) Unfortunately my DW had terrible nausea all through the 1st two pregnancies and feels it coming on again this time (booo!)

We've recently read several things suggesting magnesium oil spray can have a significant affect on pregnancy-induced nausea (here's one example: ... -sickness/)

Anyone tried this with any success? On a related note, I've also seen several sites suggesting magnesium oil can really improve energy and libido, which would be GREAT since my poor DW has neither when pregnant :-(
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Re: Magnesium?

Postby thisbejoe7 » Wed May 14, 2014 6:03 am

I can't vouch for the nausea bit, but my DW tried Magnesium for menstrual cramps. It seems to help the first cycle after she started taking it, but then after that, she went back to her normal experience unfortunately. I'm sure there is a fine balance or combination that could be achieved where maximum results could be had, but it would probably take time and patience and much experimentation. Not to mention everyone would probably react differently to the supplement.

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