Perimenopause anyone?

Menopause - how it impacts your health, your sexuality, and your life in general.
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Re: Perimenopause anyone?

Postby poetess » Tue Sep 16, 2014 6:59 pm

After my hysterectomy, I only kicked myself for waiting so long. Within two months, I was healthier than I'd been in five years, and no more watching the schedule like a hawk to make sure that the weekend away or the evening with a friend wouldn't be "that time of the month" because I had to stay so near a bathroom for fear of staining and I had so little energy with all that blood loss. I also was taking long daily afternoon naps for a week every month and was dangerously anemic. I actually smiled every time I walked by the feminine hygiene aisle for the first six months to a year after surgery. It all would have been trickier had I been married at the time, but I can't even imagine being married in the state I was in before my surgery.

Years later I've had no obvious symptoms of menopause (I still have my ovaries), though of course the typically obvious one was done away with.
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Re: Perimenopause anyone?

Postby InGodsGrace » Tue Sep 23, 2014 1:07 pm

Well, good news, I guess. LOL

Blood work came back, my thyroid is slightly sluggish. (Already on meds) no signs of perimenopause. (I did ask though when I was told my hormones were normal, if they were normal or just normal for me age.)

3 weeks of bleeding... Turns out to be my thyroid. Which it NEVER use to be to be the problem.

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Re: Perimenopause anyone?

Postby Vanna » Wed Jan 06, 2016 10:02 pm

I'm finding that perimenopause is basically opportunistic, evil, and unpredictable. The first symptoms kicked in in my late thirties, no one warned me that could happen. My heart rate started acting up, skipping beats and running fast, which was scary not realizing it was a normal side effect of hormone flux. Exhaustion kicked in. Brain fog. Scalp tingling. I ran hot and cold. Every system seemed to be acting out. My cycle was the last thing to start changing, that kicked in last year. I was always clockwork. Now I skip, spot, and occasionally I have a cycle from hell that leaves clots and cramping like I'd get during postpartum.

Crazy stuff. No suggestions. I just wanted to share that you so aren't alone. I didn't figure I'd have these problems until after 50, and certainly not before 40. Life is an adventure. :)
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Re: Perimenopause anyone?

Postby spiritfire777 » Tue Jan 12, 2016 11:57 pm

there was a time I felt as you did Vanna.. not so much now.. of course its been really cold.. and I have been cold.. guess we will see when the weather heats up if that will change... my biggest problem is emotional right now... and no periods.. but I have this awful discharge that has been tested and appears to be nothing they can figure out...

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