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Pain and Female Ejaculation (unusual)

Posted: Tue May 01, 2018 6:59 pm
by reillyj
Okay, this is going to be an embarrassing and bizarre post but here goes:

I'm on HRT and have struggled with vaginal atrophy--tissue--not pelvic wall. Went off HRT for a while and am now back on it (oral Estrogen). I was Rx'd Vagifem (insertable Estrogen tablet) and had tried Estrace cream in the past (may try it again) and had been using a DHEA cream which i had hoped would work but didn't.

So now to the bizarre part. I recently in the last few months became aware that i can FE pretty easily. Which absolutely delights my husband. I have never done that before and my reason i suspect that i am doing that now is the G spot often feels really irritated and i suspect because of frail tissue, that i can FE much more easily because of it, a theory anyway. So last time H and i had sex was on Saturday. I am not sore during sex but soon after and it has lasted a few days this time which just sucks. He's always gentle, our LM'ing sessions never last very long, he's not rough, LOTS of lube, it's just thin tissues soooo, i just now inserted the Vagifem tablet. It comes at the end of a VERY thin applicator. I had a bit of trouble and pain inserting the applicator probably because of inflammation of the tissues and yeah, guess what... a large volume of fluid came pouring out after the syringe passed my G spot (or what i think is) and it was not urine. I know when i FE that it definitely doesn't come from the urethra but the vagina and this did too. REALLY shocked me that this happened. At least i am guessing that is what happened as i do not know what else it could be.

Just another example that FE doesn't always involve orgasm, certainly doesn't for me. I hope i don't go farther down this road (atrophy) and i could use prayers that all i am on will work and my body can heal. I am on oral HRT because i'm very deficient in Estrogen and even with topical Estrace still had issues. Not fun being a woman, especially now that H is on TRT and i also feel frisky. I am actually scared sometimes to ML. And i also use Carlson's E suppositories and "natural" moisturizers, etc.

Re: Pain and Female Ejaculation (unusual)

Posted: Thu May 03, 2018 12:52 pm
by ledgemoor
Hey Reillyj:

Interesting post. It is definately FE. Sex sure can improve with age. (I'm gonna bookmark this post and the next time some newlywed poster ask if 50-year-olds still have sex, I will refer them here. And ask "Can you do that?" :lol:.) DW has had no problem lubricating, as a rule, since after her cancer and going on bHRT. A lot of the time I will get a little flood of wetness, but one time I could actually feel her ejaculate. My head was occupied up-top, so I didn't see it, but definitely felt it.

It is definitely from her urethra, though. One time I was watching her as I was rubbing her G-spot. A large drop of clear liquid came out. It definitely wasn't urine. It was thicker and slippery, and just looked different -- you know how a saltwater aquarium looks different than a freshwater one. Yours could have been really good Skene's or Bartholin's glands. Anyway, that neat. Sorry you experience pain with it though.

Before DW went on bHRT, she had vaginal problems due to low estrogen. She had this nasty-looking white discharge that just wouldn't go away. They thought it was a yeast infection. When they figured out what it really was, they gave us Estrace and it cured it within days. It was super-expensive, we had to worry about getting it on me, and it wasn't solving the underlying problem of course. So she started bHRT. I think she stopped the Estrace before going on bHRT. At any rate, it was a while before her vagina got back to it's old self (better actually), but she never had any more white discharge.

BTW, the ejaculation probably means that your testosterone level is good. Estrogen is responsible for the general health of the vagina, but testosterone is responsible for lubrication.

Can you get your estrogen in a topical cream? DW was on oral progesterone for a while. We changed doctors and the new guy said oral doesn't work well, and can be hard on the liver.

Re: Pain and Female Ejaculation (unusual)

Posted: Thu May 03, 2018 1:00 pm
by SeekingChange
reillyj wrote: I know when i FE that it definitely doesn't come from the urethra but the vagina

I thought FE DID come from the urethra???

Re: Pain and Female Ejaculation (unusual)

Posted: Thu May 03, 2018 1:25 pm
by reillyj
Maybe it does! it just never feels like i'm peeing. Supposedly it isn't urine (it doesn't smell like it) but i didn't know it actually came from the urethra.

Re: Pain and Female Ejaculation (unusual)

Posted: Thu May 03, 2018 1:43 pm
by ledgemoor
Ok, it probably came from the urethra then. Typically, when you start experimenting with G-spot stimulation, it makes you feel like you need to pee -- the stimulation, not the actual ejaculation if it happens. The need-to-pee sensation goes away after a while, only a few sessions with us.

I am watching a very interesting video on the G-spot. Bev Whipple did a survey and said it existed. Shere Hite did some more research and found there was no such thing (I have a copy of her book -- I have been interested in this for that long :D). The existence of the G-spot didn't fit with the radical feminist agenda that was around at that time, which Hite subscribed to -- the indignity of getting pleasure of being penetrated by a man and all that.

The current science says that the G-spot is merely the back of the clitoris, which I always believed since playing with DW. Here's what's mind-blowing: Some women respond to G-Spot stimulation and some don't. Whether they can or not depends on the distance of the urethra to the vagina. Far is good. They claim they can pretty much tell if a woman will respond to it by examining her.

The video is in Roku somewhere. I'll start another thread when I finish it and find it, hopefully somewhere other than Roku.

Another unanswered question about FE, is where is it stored? It definitely isn't pee, and there is no separate organ to hold it. I believe it is stored in the bladder. There is no or not much pee mixed with it because the kidneys shut down. It tends to happen more for us if we stop for DW to take a pee break in the middle of foreplay/clitoral stimulation.