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His problem...her problem...or an OUR problem...and more

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His problem...her problem...or an OUR problem...and more

Post by newwifenewlife »

2020 has been a difficult year. It has brought a spotlight into our homes and families and the weaknesses in our character and relationships have been exposed. I know of several marriages that have crumbled under the pressure and others that have grown in the same time frame.  Our destination is determined by the focus, direction and choices we make.

If addictions are a quiet issue in your marriage, relationships or with a friend or their spouse, I would encourage you to listen to the following podcast. I found it enlightening and challenging by their guest to reframe my thinking.

OR if you want to be challenged in your thinking about the problems and issues that occur in your marriage, including non-addictive issues, this might challenge some of your thinking as well. I was debriefing this episode with my wife and she turned the spotlight onto a reoccurring issue (not an addiction) in our relationship and how each of us handle the situation.  Then we listened to it together on our drive to DW's parents and had some incredible insights into her behavior, FOO, previous marriage, and personality and how it then can play into our relationship and create anxiety in her. It's not a his or her problem, in a marriage, if one has a problem, it's an OUR problem to work on, which can mean, we gonna have some unrest together rather than just one of us feeling the pain/anxiety/etc.



Addiction issues can sabotage your life and your marriage. In this episode, Dave and Ashley interview counselor and addiction specialist Dr. Jacques de Broekert to discuss practical ways to find healing and sobriety from the grip of addiction. He also shares practical steps for the spouse of someone who is struggling with addiction.

Season 5, Episode 116: "HELP! My Spouse is an Addict"


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