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Use of mouth on each other for foreplay or climax.
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California King
California King
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Re: Swallowing

Post by Ron »

My wife rarely gives me oral sex and if she does, I would call it more of "kissing on it" than real oral sex. I have never gone to completion in her mouth, not one time in 30 years. She told me if I ever did, she would never kiss it again.
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Re: Swallowing

Post by Lightbulb »

FLLYDVTD1 wrote: Sun Apr 25, 2021 6:26 pm @dovegrey that’s an interesting thought. I’m not sure the “worlds” number would be less though. With the influence of porn I would think there would be a greater expectation for woman to swallow. I could be totally wrong, but either way I was shocked at the low %. It was not something I expected. The other woman even categorized it as “freaky”. This is just not something that I ever thought of freaky or out of the norm.

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I don't think the influence of porn is very much at all - not proud of how much of that I've seen, but my experience was porn usually didn't show swallowing but the more explicit external ejaculation (on face, etc.)

My wife swallowed once - we were actually on the road, I was kind of surprised when she started, and then I think she realized too late that her choices were limited. She didn't want to hold it in her mouth while she looked for a place to spit it out. I'm not actually sure mechanically how it worked, but the sensation of her swallowing and the additional suction that provided seemed pretty similar to the feeling from PIV with simultaneous orgasm. Quite exquisite. For what its worth, I'd much rather receive any oral sex possible than not receive it because of any feeling of obligation to swallow.

On the topic of sex positive responses - I'd imagine the less sex positive a woman is the less likely she is to give oral sex in the first place. So I'd imagine the total percentage of swallowers is roughly the same as the ratio you get from sex positive respondents in the first place.
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